creating a twitter business account

Creating a Twitter Business Account

As digital marketing and branding grow rapidly in today’s world, it is a must for marketers and businesses to be active in various social media platforms. Twitter is one of them, with more than 300 million active users. A Twitter business account is the way to go for businesses to reach new potential customers and improve their brand visibility.

How to Set Up a Twitter Business Account?

There are a couple of steps to set up a business account:

  1. Sign up on Twitter. Twitter will first ask your company name, e-mail/mobile phone info, and date of birth. Then you can choose whether you would like to see personalized Twitter ads or not, but it is recommended for you to enable personalized ads as it is always good to track what others are doing. On the next steps, Twitter will ask you to verify the e-mail or mobile phone you entered, create a password with more than six characters, and choose a profile picture.
  2. Add detailed information about your business.  After uploading a profile picture, you can describe your business with less than 160 characters and add topics relevant to your business. You can follow other users as well on this step.
  3. Complete the profile. Now, your business account is almost set. Select “Edit Profile” to complete the profile with a cover photo, website info, location, and many more.
Twitter Business Account

How to Link Twitter to Facebook Business?

Promoting your business on multiple social media platforms can be a pain when it’s done manually. Facebook used to allow cross-posting on both Twitter and Facebook business, but this feature is disabled in early-2020. There is a workaround to fix this problem using various software such as SEMRush social media poster tool.

FAQs about Business Account

Is Twitter business account good for small businesses?

Twitter is an outstanding social media platform to reach out to new potential customers and enables your business to connect with them directly.

Are Twitter ads worth paying?

There are many advertising options. They are worth paying if your marketing strategy is promising and well-thought-out.

Is Twitter business account free of charge?

Using Twitter business account is free, but utilizing ads to promote your business and visibility costs Money.

To Conclude Business Account

A Twitter account can be a great way to connect potential customers. You can link your business account to the Facebook business by using different software available on the web. Twitter is free, but you should develop a good marketing campaign to promote your business. To learn more about Instagram and social media, please check out more of our articles on our website.

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