how to add music to instagram stories

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories?

Instagram, one of the popular applications of recent years, fascinated millions of people with its new feature. Instagram stories came into practice two or three years ago. Its heavy use has caused many applications to fall into the background. The number of Instagram users has grown tremendously and almost doubled that year. Instagram, which has become the earning gate for many, made its fans happy with its new feature. The feature prepared for those who want to decorate their special moments with music makes it possible to put music in the stories. The music to your Instagram app has been validated on the Instagram app, although it is still not available on the Instagram website. People can add thousands of songs to their stories. Also, stories with music added are now shared on Instagram posts.

How to Add the Music Sticker on Instagram Stories?

People who want to add music to their Instagram story can do so for photos or videos. If the person does tap the top of the screen, they should click on the music section among the options that appear. You can then type music titles or choose a track from music tracks. Adding music is easy. If people want to do video editing and want to off sounds, they can apply this application. When the play button to hear button is pressed, the music will start playing. The person can choose the most appropriate one for the story he will share, among thousands of music options. The Instagram application, which grows daily and adds new features, has gained more users with its latest feature. You can also check our article about Instagram Question Stickers.

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In Which Countries Is Music Available?

Unfortunately, the “add music to Instagram” application is not available in all countries. There are only a few countries where it can be used. However, Instagram will spread this application all over the world in a short time. Today, countries can use this feature: Germany, the USA, Australia, Yenizell Zealand, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. If people see the message, “This feature is not available in your area,” they can connect to one of the above countries via a VPN.

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FAQ About Add Music To Instagram Stories

How many musics can be added to a story?

Only one piece of music can be added to a story. More music can confuse.

Can I choose which part of the music to put in?

The person can add any part of the music he wants to put into his story. You can start it from wherever you want, but a maximum of 30 seconds will be selected.

When adding music to an Instagram story, can I remove the lyrics of the music?

The person can do this if they wish, but at the top will be shown which music is playing.

Conclusion On Add Music To Instagram Stories

The added music to Instagram stories feature has excited most of the users. Thanks to this feature, Instagram has had the chance to get more users.

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