how to create a youtube channel

How to Create a YouTube Channel?

Youtube is the leader video platform on the web, with billions of hours of video content watched every month. What’s more, is, it is the second-largest search engine by volume. So how do you create a YouTube channel to connect with its millions of users? 

  1. Create a Google account.
  2. On YouTube, click “Create a Channel.” 
  3. Name your channel or use your existing name on Google.
  4. Upload a profile picture, create a channel description, and add links to your social networks.
  5. Verify your channel with a text or automated voice message from YouTube.
  6. Add channel art.
  7. Go to “Settings” on the YouTube Studio dashboard and customize your channel with branding, audience settings, keywords, and many more.

How to Upload a Video to YouTube?

Before you upload your finished video to YouTube, make sure it has good sound quality as people generally tolerate bad quality images but not bad quality or scratching sound. We listed the required steps below to upload a video to YouTube:

  1. On your YouTube account, click on the top-right “Upload Video” icon.
  2. Select the video file to upload or drag it into the window.
  3. The video will be uploaded and processed by YouTube.
  4. Before publishing, add a title, description, relevant keywords, a thumbnail, and try to use other features of YouTube, such as cards or end screens.
how to create a youtube channel

How to Edit YouTube Videos?

Editing YouTube videos on editing software is not much different from editing other videos. You need to use software that you are most comfortable with. You can use free or paid video editing software such as SDC Video Editor, Adobe Premiere, Da Vince Resolve, Pinnacle Studio, Final Cut Pro, and Avidemux to edit YouTube videos.

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There is also a in-site video editing feature on YouTube you can use, even after your video is uploaded.

FAQs of YouTube Channel

Is creating a Youtube channel free?

Starting a YouTube channel is free and will take only a couple of minutes. However, if you would like your videos to be seen by more users, you can pay for advertising on YouTube.

What equipment do you need for YouTube?

For beginners, a mobile phone that can record quality video and sound would be enough. After your channel starts reaching a wider audience, you can invest in a DSLR camera and sound/light equipment.

Where is the YouTube video editor?

To access the YouTube video editor, go to the YouTube studio and click the videos tab. Click on the video you want to edit, and then click the “Editor” tab. On YouTube video editor, you can trim, blur, zoom in/out, and many more.

Conclusion on YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel & uploading videos is easy, thanks to YouTube’s user-friendly interface. It is also possible for you to edit your videos on YouTube’s built-in video editor and other video editing software. To learn more about Instagram and social media, please check out more of our articles on our website.

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