what are instagram success stories

What Are Instagram Success Stories?

Today, if you are a brand owner and want to promote it worldwide, you need to have an online marketing strategy. When you decide, you should remember a huge sea you have to solve from social media to video marketing because there isn’t any way to reach your target audience without digital ways. From past to present, many people have achieved many successes using Instagram. Here are some of the perfect examples of Instagram success stories;

Watch Anish @watchanish

Anish Bhatt has always been interested in fashion and watches, but his life wasn’t perfect; when he was 29 yo, he had been fired from his fashion-industry job in the US and then turned back his childhood house in London. It was a huge failure for him, but he made use of this opportunity. You needed to find a job as soon as possible, but he decided to do something with a few thousand saved up in his bank account.

His main purpose was to create something inspirationally using passion for watches with his knowledge without spending one dollar on traditional marketing. In the beginning, he was interested in the feeds of other popular users, and he was active on the platform consistently, including liking and commenting on photos that he found impressive. 

During that time, he was creating an impressive and charming feed that contained eyeful watches. After a while, his success and followers have increased day by day. Now, he travels around the world, and he is consulting luxury brands, such as Rolex. Bhatt built castles in the air, but he turned those into real life. He did that no one’s ever done before; he sells a lifestyle, thanks to Instagram.

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Sean Perelstein @spjeweler

Sean Perelstein has one of the other Instagram success stories. He is the founder and CEO of Sting HD, one of the top-level jewelry design companies worldwide. Perelstein is the most wanted name by many celebrities. However, his journey is fascinating. He had finished college, and he wanted to play his own game. After that, he decided to create never-before-seen leather bracelets.

In the beginning, Perelstein received his friend’s help to reach target customers on Instagram. After a while, he began taking photos of his jewelry with luxury watches and expensive accessories. Therefore, he has attracted people’s attention from all around the world. By the way, he has never used any traditional marketing advertisements to create his customers.

instagram success stories

Jason Stone @millionaire_mentor

Jason Stone has been making money more than $100,000 per month through over 2 million people on Instagram, and he has never spent even one dollar on traditional marketing. The business, was recently taken place in Entrepreneur Magazine, offers highly low-cost opportunities for advertisers who want to enter the advertising marketplace.

Now, the brand has been growing fastly with 20 new franchised locations within just six months.

FAQs About Instagram Success Stories

Are there more examples of Instagram success stories like Anish Bhatt’s?

Without number! Instagram is a great way to reach millions for brands and businesses.

Is there a specific sector to achieve success on Instagram? 

Instagram is a huge market from technology to travel. Chose your industry, and then look alive!

Instagram Success Stories In Short

From big brands to family-run shops, all businesses are getting the best results on Instagram, from increasing brand awareness to raising sales. Bhaat placed all his eggs in one basket and took a big gamble, but it was worth it. His story is one of the most outstanding examples of Instagram success stories.

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