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What Is TikTok? (2020 Definitive Guide)

TikTok is a short form video-sharing application that allows its users to create and share 15-second video content on almost any topic. It’s is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms globally, with more than 800 million monthly active users. TikTok videos are usually musically-oriented; and videos are a mix of various sound effects, music snippets, and filters to record dancing clips or lip-syncing.

What Is Trending on TikTok?

TikTok has a fast-paced trend economy that changes almost every month, so it is hard to keep up with it. There are many trends on the platform that range from songs that gain popularity for a short period; viral dance trends, lip-syncing, spin-offs of creative video concepts, or challenges. Trending videos section features trending videos on the platform; and it is possible to track newly-emerging trends from the discover section.

what's tiktok

What Is a TikTok Challenge?

TikTok challenges have some similarities between challenges we seen on other social media platforms as they are initiated by a brand, influencer, or user with a hashtag. Discover section features Hashtag challenges, and anyone can participate in it by uploading a video using the hashtag. Users try to come up with creative or fun ideas to pull off various TikTok challenges, usually based on dancing, pranking, exercising, and TikTok filters. We listed some of TikTok’s most popular challenges in 2020:

Flip the Switch Challenge: Couples and siblings usually do this challenge. The challenge is about recording yourself with your partner in front of a mirror and then swapping clothes and places after the light switches off.

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Plank Challenge: There are a number of variations to plank challenge; but its main theme is clear, which is doing planks. Users participate in the plank challenge sync their movements with their partners and popular songs as well.

Koala Challenge: Koala challenge is about climbing your partner, much like a koala climbing on a tree. The challenge is one of the hardest it’s challenges to pull off but very entertaining to attempt. 

TikTok’s FAQs

Who Uses TikTok?

Although the 18-24 age group is it’s biggest user group, the app is used by everyone with different ages and ethnicities.

Why is TikTok so popular?

It is one of the most easy-to-use video sharing apps there is, and the user base keeps creating fresh content that is fun and appealing for many.

Is TikTok safe for kids?

It is for for 13+ users, and each video in it must comply with this standard.

TikTok in Short

TikTok’s a rapidly growing 15-second video sharing platform with almost up to one billion active users worldwide. Its always-fresh trends and challenges keep the user base engaging and fun. To learn more about Instagram and social media, please check out more of our articles on our website.

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